Shoe and the tranformation…………..

Hello girls

This is my first ever write up related to fashion, It might not be a good one but hopefully I’ll improve in future.

So coming to main thing that’s SHOES…. heels, platforms, peeptoes, flat sandals, ballerinas …. And the list and love is never ending and as  the name suggests shoe transformation, shoes are very integral part of every girls life , they really transforms the personality. Transforming a girl who Is sporty wear sneakers to changing her in to a classy women wearing high heels. No I am not saying girls who wear sneakers are not classy they also look beautiful but a women with high heels is kind of powerful. Shoe really make you or break you…

Everyone cannot wear super high heels but every girl should atleast own one pair. So here I won’t only talk about heels I will also talk about different type of shoes their comfort and looks, design ,colour, appeal (the feel good factor) cost effectiveness as everyone can’t afford to have aldo, louboutin.. but they sure are to die for… and also as I am a physio I will also include how shoes affects your feet and posture as nowadays m treating many girls with this problem..

I hope you all liked the overview and I hope to get support from you all…


And next part will be featured soon so stay tuned..

shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.” -Christian louboutin


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