hello ..

i opened my blog and here had a smile, my followers, my first two followers thank you so much girls.. this means a lot n hope ill be able to get more followers and will b able to do my best…

last month i brought this amazing pair of electric blue colour heels with that has nice white and grey colour animal print toe box the heel is about 4 inches … i was not intending to buy this but the price …my god  that was so ‘cheap’ made me buy this and luckily the store had last piece that too of my size though i dont wear much heels but ok girls should have atleast one pair of heels in her shoe closet.

the moment i slipped into it , it was like woww..as its stilettos this made my legs look more slimmer and longer.. stilettos have this very good quality of making you look taller as it adds up to your height “OPTICAL ILLUSION” kind of a thing.. overall they make you u look hawttt ..

but on other side they are very painful to wear  and make your feet more fatigue, heels look sexy but they really contours the natural functionality of your foot creates skeletal and muscle problem common condition faced by women is metatarsalgia.. its treatable so you can wear them occasionally…


people say they’re bad for feet but yeah they’re good for mind ……. choose what’s more important


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